Please see the latest press releases that Green Potential or our Founder (Amit Shah) have been a part of.

04-19-2023 Amit Shah and Green Potential: Driving Sustainability in Building Improvements

This press release from Habitat Magazine highlight successful grant applications that underscore Amit Shah’s pivotal role in advancing sustainability within the real estate industry. Green Potential, under his leadership, continues to play a vital role in helping building owners expedite environmentally conscious building improvements while saving costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Amit Shah’s achievements in securing these grants demonstrate his commitment to a sustainable and greener future for New York City and beyond.

04-11-2023 NYSERDA Allocates $1.9 Million for Low Carbon Projects; Amit Shah Secures $281,000 for Sustainability Initiatives

Amit Shah, CEO of Green Potential, successfully secures $281,000 from NYSERDA to fund crucial repairs, address construction defects, and enhance environmental performance in multifamily buildings. Shah’s proactive leadership exemplifies unwavering dedication to reducing carbon emissions and navigating complex climate legislation, including Local Law 97, within the larger $1.9 million initiative.

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