Accelerating building upgrades, cutting costs, and enhancing sustainability. 

Green Potential’s technology platform helps property managers and building owners save time and money. Green Potential offers an all-inclusive digital solution for expediting sustainable and cost-effective building improvements through Vendor Sourcing and Financial Assistance.

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What Does Green Potential Do?
Green Potential’s technology platform helps single-family, multi-family and commercial property owners and operators easily manage large improvement projects through vendor access, transparent bids, and long-term finance optimization.

How does Green Potential Help You Today?
Embarking on construction is a challenge, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Finding the right vendors is tough, especially in a city where buildings often lack long-term planning. In 2019, Local Law 97 made it mandatory for New York City buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet energy efficiency standards by 2024 or face escalating fines. Green Potential ensures compliance and saves you money today.

Leveraging data-driven insights
Vendor Sourcing
We connect property owners to the best possible qualified vendors for their building improvements. We learn about your project and match you with the right vendors with the right capacity. More importantly, we believe in price transparency and accountability for each project. Every vendor gets reviewed. 

Partnering for affordability
Financing Assistance
We collaborate with reputable financial institutions to help secure loans for building improvements. Our team works closely with banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and government agencies to ensure you have access to suitable financing options. Additionally, we assist in identifying and utilizing incentives specific to your building. Green Potential can help you find an affordable loan for your co-op or condo and ensure the necessary work is executed.

Interested in improving or retrofitting your building?
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