At Green Potential, we empower New York City property owners to accelerate building improvements while achieving sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Buildings need work. Most city buildings are not developed with longevity or sustainability in mind. Since 2019, Local Law 97 mandates that all New York City buildings above 25,000 sq. ft. comply with energy efficiency standards by 2024 or face fines that incrementally increase. For most property owners, the process of retrofitting a building within this timeframe is daunting, to say the least. That’s where Green Potential comes in.

At Green Potential, we offer a comprehensive solution to expedite building improvements in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Our platform provides the following services:

Vendor Sourcing

Using data-driven insights, we connect property owners to the right vendors for their building improvements. We understand the specific preferences of vendors and match them with building projects that align with their expertise and capabilities. For each building project, we provide qualified vendor proposals along with reviews from past clients. Whether you need an architect, contractor, consultant, engineer, or bank, we have the data points to make the perfect connections.

Financing Support

We collaborate with reputable financial institutions to help secure loans for building improvements. Our team works closely with banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and government agencies to ensure you have access to suitable financing options. Additionally, we assist in identifying and utilizing incentives specific to your building. If the cost of retrofitting seems overwhelming, now is the ideal time to explore financing options. Green Potential can help you find an affordable loan for your co-op or condo and ensure the necessary work is executed.

Amortization of Financing

We guide property owners in determining the optimal approach to repay their building loan. Our experts develop customized payment plans, if needed, to accommodate all owners. Once you secure a loan, we assist in creating a payment schedule, eliminating the need for costly third-party management companies. Green Potential offers a cost-efficient alternative by directly working with the management company to establish a tailored payment plan.

Retrofit Management Consulting

If you require additional assistance, we collaborate with reputable vendors to plan the most efficient and cost-effective retrofit for your building. Our team works closely with all parties involved to devise a comprehensive 10-year building plan. We provide ongoing support, ensuring that the work is executed on time and within budget.

Interested in improving or retrofitting your building? Email us to see how Green Potential can be the perfect fit for your project.