Green Potential helps New York City property owners expedite building improvements in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

Buildings need work. Most city buildings are not developed with longevity or sustainability in mind. Since 2019, Local Law 97 mandates that all New York City buildings above 25,000 sq. ft. comply with energy efficiency standards by 2024 or face fines which incrementally increase. For most property owners the process of retrofitting a building in this timeframe is daunting, to say the least. That’s where Green Potential comes in. We offer:

Vendor Sourcing

We use data to connect property owners to the right vendors for their building improvements. We know what vendors want to work on and which building projects fall into their sweet spot; it’s just a matter of connecting the parties. For each building project, we provide proposals from qualified vendors along with their reviews from past clients. Whether you’re looking for an architect, contractor, consultant, engineer, or bank, we have data points to make the right connections.

Financing Support

We work with reputable financial institutions to help secure loans for building improvements. This involves working with banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and government agencies. Additionally, we help find and utilize incentives for your specific building. If you already have a plan of action for a retrofit but the cost is too high, now is a great time to finance the operation. Green Potential can help to find an affordable loan for your co-op or condo and ensure that the work you need to implement the loan gets done.

Amortization of Financing

We help property owners figure out the best way to pay off their building loan. We also ensure that all owners are set up with a customized payment plan, if needed. Once you have a loan, you will need to create a payment schedule for the owners. Most management companies can do this but will charge the property owners extra. Green Potential is a cost-efficient alternative that will work directly with the management company to set up a payment plan.

Retrofit Management Consulting

Self managed? Need more help? We work with reputable vendors to plan out the most efficient, cost-effective retrofit for your building. This involves working with all parties to devise a 10 year building plan and following up with vendors to make sure the work happens on time.

Interested in improving or retrofitting a building? Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation to see if Green Potential is the right fit for your project.